Business, Brand and Product Naming Service in India

Words evoke emotions. Customers connect more with words that are easy to grasp, pronounce, spell and recall. Big businesses spend lacs/crores to come up with the right product/company/brand name. At a fraction of the cost, we are here to serve startups, small and medium-sized businesses. We have named approximately 1800 brands/companies so far. Around 96% of our clients loved our services and the name they finalized. This keeps us motivated to do what we are brilliant at – Helping you find that perfect business name.

Business Naming = Lexiconical Creativity + Experiential Knowledge – Already Registered Business Names

-Ankur Varshney is an India centric business naming service. We create company/brand names, that have trademarks and .com domain names available to be registered by you. So if you are running out of ideas to name your brand, firm, company or a unique web-based business, we are here to serve. We have created brand & company names earlier & we can do the same for you.

We suggest names with available .COMs

The only way to stay ahead of your competitors is to do what they haven’t done yet, do it well and supersede them. A business name is the foundation of any business and only a well deserving name should fill that space.

Make sure to finalize a name whose .COM and Trademark are acquirableConsistency between your official email ID, website, company name, brand name and trademark are a few things that bring trust, reputation and authority on the table. In your journey as an entrepreneur, over the years, you will change the logo of your company (like Pepsi/Coca-Cola did), offices, employees, and everything else, but the name of your business is there to stay.

It is not difficult to register a company in India, the real struggle begins when you have to promote it. In the coming years, you would be promoting a name under which you provide your services or products. You don’t drink aerated-black-coloured-sugary-cold-drink, you drink Coke or Pepsi.


We have named more than 750 businesses/firms/companies/brands. In the past couple of years, while working for our clients across the globe, we have typed 20,00,000+ names in totality. The well researched hand-typed, 400-500 worded report that our clients receive, aptly showcases our expertise.

Don’t miss out on the 95% of the best available business/company/brand namesOrder our service for Rs 29,990/- & get 10 crackerjack naming options with expert recommendations.

Coming up with a great company name is not only about creativity but also about the availability of the names. The names you present to the Indian Trademark Authority or Registrar of Companies (ROC) might get rejected on several grounds. Hence it becomes imperative to brainstorm only those company names which are available for registration and meet the guidelines.

Company Names:

Every company name has two components — a unique component and a descriptive component. We specialize in the creation of the unique component of a company name. The unique components of company names suggested by us are pronounceable, relevant, memorable, meaningfully coined and easy to spell. As mentioned earlier, the unique names that we suggest also have .COM domain names and trademark, available to be registered.

If the first word, i.e. the unique component of the company name is available for trademark, then your company name can also be used as a brand name. Example — ‘Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd’ — the brand name is the unique component i.e. ‘Samsung’, while the descriptive component is ‘Electronics’.

The customers of ‘Samsung Electronics’ expect the company to own the domain name Similarly, your prospective customers expect you to own your unique component’s .COM. For this reason, we emphasize on selecting only those business names which have a .COM domain name available to be registered.

A website address that has both the unique and descriptive components and a .COM is hard to type on smartphones owing to its length, difficult to trademark as a brand, hard to remember and for some reason doesn’t sound right! Continuing the same example, as customers whom would you trust more:, Or

For only Rs 29,990/- we suggest 10 pronounceable, unique components of a business name e.g. Samsung, Toshiba, Adidas, etc which have .COM domain names available to be registered.