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For Rs 29,990/- you get a custom, well-researched, hand-typed report (500-600 words), with 10 business names and recommendations for your startup/business by our expert naming team that has linguists, startup gurus, SEO consultants and premium domain name resellers on board.

We would provide you with 2 free revisions based on your feedback, in case you are not satisfied with the first list of names. Each revised list would consist of 3 name suggestions.

The names’ report we provide within 3-7 working days, is a mixed bag of business names that:

  1. Are catchy & unique.
  2. Have a .COM available to be registered.
  3. Can be easily be associated with your industry.
  4. Are easy to pronounce & spell.
  5. Have trademark available to be registered.

How does it work?

You make the payment, we dedicatedly study your industry for a few hours, find out what your competitors and clients are looking for, develop 10 customized industry based, pronounceable and memorable, well-researched names, put all these names in a hand-typed report with recommendations and comments and email them to you. You shortlist 2-3 of these names and then we discuss pros and cons of each of the shortlisted name to finalize one. So Order Now!

Payment Options:

For Credit/Debit Card or Netbanking

It is more important that your prospective customers pronounce, relate -to and remember your business/company/brand name, than it is for you to like it. At times, a third party perspective, especially that of a professional naming agency like ours changes the  fate of your startup. Our naming service can improve your sales by 10 to 20% in the longer run. Our customers have realized and experienced this shift. They love our work. You will too!

Business Naming As An Investment
Business Naming Is An Investment

Our standard package is priced at Rs 29,990/- and is includes a report with 10 Business Names. Again, the number and types of options we present depends the prevailing competition in your industry, the targeted geological region, initial investment & marketing strategy.

While most of our clients are small-medium business owners in India, Singapore, Australia, UK and USA, we also cater to large business houses. The kind of consultancy and work that we deliver is worth much more than Rs 64,999/- and our days of effort shows on the report and from our customer interactions. A tight budget handling in the initial phase of a startup/venture is something we understand and can relate to. The affordable pricing of our services is exclusive to the emerging Indian economy.

The almost irreversible decision of naming your venture is something that would make you stand out of the crowd so that your unique service/product can sell well. For many of you, it would be your first business investment. Considering the efforts that we put in & the professional quality of naming consultancy that you will receive, Rs 29,990/-, is a bargain!