Terms and Conditions

While ordering naming services at WiseGen Informatics Pvt Ltd’s website naming.co.in, the buyer/client understands that a payment has to be deposited in the account of WiseGen Informatics Pvt Ltd via Payu payment gateway, by cash Or via direct bank deposit, before the commencement of the business naming process. The client Or buyer agrees to the following terms and conditions when he decides to take service of WiseGen Informatics Pvt ltd via naming.co.in.

  1. The money once deposited by a customer will not be refunded, once the naming process commences.
  2. A maximum of two revised names’ list would be provided. A revised list of names would have a maximum of 5 names.
  3. All the names suggested by naming.co.in, are Intellectual properties of Wisegen Informatics Pvt Ltd.
  4. The service at naming.co.in only suggests names and doesn’t promise/guarantee that the client will like the names or would get a registered trademark in future. Ordering service at naming.co.in is a risk that the client is taking at his/her own discretion.
  5. All disputes if any shall be subjected to New Delhi jurisdiction.