Why Us?

With around 20 crore domain names registered, all the sensible ones are taken already. Search engines like Google, are constantly updating their algorithms to provide high quality experience to its users. Domain names and URLs are what they crawl and index first. There are no good or bad names, it is not even a question of liking alone anymore, it has come down; right and not-so-right business names. Business names that are traffic magnets to those that might doom your venture to obscurity.

Naming a business is deeper than you think.
Naming a business, is deeper than you think.

Most of the agencies charge exorbitant prices (USD 500 to USD 80,000) for naming a venture and they do not provide a .COM TLD with it either. Nor is there a guarantee that the name would be free from trade marks. No one wants to infringe someone else’s brand unintentionally. Lawsuits are expensive!

The probability that you will come up with good domain name is high, but would it be the right/best one for your venture? When you name a company yourself, you ignore MOST of the best options and yet you don’t even realize it. This initial bliss can cost your startup a loss in exponential proportions. We have witnessed it and can prove it to you as well. We usually ask our clients to come up with a list of names that they like, find appealing, catchy etc. It helps us understand their taste and gives us a clue as well. We are more technical than creative, we know where are clients are coming from and based on that this is what we have been able to conclude: Given a chance to come-up with 10 business names for their venture, most of the entrepreneurs, leave 90-95% of the best business names, that are trademark free, short, pronounceable, keyword oriented, memorable and are  still available with a .COM TLD.

Apart from the paid versions of the best tools available on the internet that you would use to name your company, we as naming consultants and linguists have developed our own customized algorithms, softwares and processes to find and dig down appropriate names for your business, company.

That which the fountain sends forth returns again to the fountain.  -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
That which the fountain sends forth returns again to the fountain. -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Many of our domain names are listed on (and have been sold for hundreds of USDs) through websites like BrandBucket, Godaddy Auctions, Afternic and Sedo. We have negotiated prices (six-figure INR) of domain names from international sellers to Indian buyers, and not to forget that we own the premium India country level domain name (ccTLD) domain name naming.co.in.

It is important that you invest in your venture wholeheartedly and at each and every step — Especially in naming your business, that is an almost irreversible decision. To read about what all we consider while naming your business, click here. Read about the feedback that our perpetually growing expertise has received so far.

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